Couture isn’t just for fashion; that’s where I come in.


I am inspired by academia and always strive for rigor, but I am a pragmatist at heart. The startup mentality of “just ship it” and the iteration inherent in design thinking are two principles essential to redefining success.

My goal is to make rigorous methodology and data work for you. The gap between research and practice is notoriously large and persistent. As a consequence, people often stay in their lane, generating research within the university context, perhaps hoping that one day it has a practical impact. Or, conducting evaluations in the “real world,” trading rigor for practicality.

Both “traditional experts” and those on the ground have unique expertise that can be leveraged to create measures that strike a balance between practicality and rigor, and redefine success in creative and exciting ways.

The measurement and evaluation status quo can change; and, in order to truly advance innovative solutions to the problems facing society, it must.

I advocate for choosing tiny measures before big data. I strive to push the boundaries on what is considered compelling evidence and rethink the greater challenge of measurement in bitesize pieces. In doing so, we can challenge the narrative that success cannot be reliably captured in short sprints or messy realities, and begin the process of validating and right-sizing measures with organizations and their communities.

My commitment to you is a process that is empowering, balanced, and impactful. With the right guidance, you can define and leverage data to authentically tell the story of your wins and your growth so you can keep on fighting the good fight from a position of poise and power.

My clients feel they are in good hands because my approach is couture - there is no one-size fits all solution, and I take the time to get to know you and your organization.

Having trouble seeing your big picture and the path going to your vision? Email me at and let’s schedule a time to connect further.