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Kirsten Lee Hill Education Consulting is a boutique firm that specializes in couture measurement & evaluation. We support organizations in redefining success on their own terms through upleveling strategy, creating right-size measures that authentically capture change, designing new programs, & leveraging data for continuous improvement.



My Philosophy

I am inspired by academia and always strive for rigor, but I am a pragmatist at heart. The startup mentality of “just ship it” and the iteration inherent in design thinking are two principles essential to redefining success.

My goal is to make rigorous methodology and data work for you. The gap between research and practice is notoriously large and persistent. As a consequence, people often stay in their lane, generating research within the university context, perhaps hoping that one day it has a practical impact or, conducting evaluations in the “real world,” trading rigor for practicality.

Both “traditional experts” and those on the ground have unique expertise that can be leveraged to create measures that strike a balance between practicality and rigor, and redefine success in creative and exciting ways.


Hi, I’m Kirsten (k uh r - s t ih n).

I’m a researcher and entrepreneur who is passionate about all of the measurements and evaluation you’ll need to tell you where you’re getting closer to your vision, where you’re missing the mark, and where you can make positive, strategic shifts.

You’re changing the world for the better, and I’m here to SUPPORT you in your journey and your vision. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to help people see how they matter - how their presence and everything that they do adds value to a bigger picture.

Redefining success is at the core of who I am.


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Research is a powerful tool but people are the true agents of change. A continued dedication to your social-emotional well-being is essential for innovation and improvement.