My credentials (by the numbers):

  • 3 degrees earned

  • 4 federally funded research studies

  • 7 academic publications (and counting)

  • 14 scholarships + awards

  • 6+ major educational surveys designed

  • 70+ hours interviewing teachers and school leaders

  • 1000+ hours volunteering and working in schools

  • 100+ laser measurement coaching sessions with entrepreneurs


Less is more. The more specific & straightforward you become, the more powerfully you can convey your message.

Hi, I’m Kirsten (k uh r - s t ih n).

I’m a researcher and entrepreneur who is passionate about all of the measurements and evaluation you’ll need to tell you where you’re getting closer to your vision, where you’re missing the mark, and where you can make positive, strategic shifts.

You’re changing the world for the better, and I’m here to SUPPORT you in your journey and your vision. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to help people see how they matter - how their presence and everything that they do adds value to a bigger picture.

Redefining success is at the core of who I am.

It was while volunteering in the lowest performing schools in New Orleans that I first felt the crushing power of data. I witnessed it be used as a tool to hold back students, fire teachers, and close schools. For many years to come, I raged against data - and by raged, I mean avidly protested any measurement-oriented policies.

My ultimate act of rebellion would be getting a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pennsylvania (all part of what was at the time my master plan to wage a war on numbers). At Penn, I led the development of citywide surveys to measure alternative indicators of success in schools. Through that experience, I learned that data can amplify voices. I saw firsthand how data, something that’s been used to disempower others, can be used to make positive, sustainable changes. I realized that numbers weren’t the problem - rather, it was how data is designed, collected, and used that matters the most.

Over the past three years, I’ve worked with 9 organizations and countless entrepreneurs to map out and implement meaningful measures of success. I have also helped build incredible education programming and curricula, and drawn on my expertise in mixed methods research and researcher-practitioner partnerships to consult on a variety of projects around the world.

When I’m not helping give data a better name, you can find me living out my personal definition of success: authenticity. For me, that looks like impromptu dance parties in my apartment, walking my dog along the the Mississippi River, teaching yoga to kiddos, eating up books on self-development, and sipping champagne on NOLA rooftops.